Friday, 24 November 2017


Samar Fazil and Rabia Khan are the founders of multi award winning brand soapNskin. The wonderful array of artisan products provides your hair, face & body with the natural care it deserves.

There’s head to toe cleansing in the form of shampoos, body washes and soaps and provide intense luxurious moisture in the form of the 100% natural, whipped, body butter all created by hand using only the finest natural ingredients such as rose, neroli and lavender essential oils:

Samar's favourite product is the Lavender & Lime Body Butter. It’s part of a range of products tailored to balance, calm and sooth unruly skin while providing the most refreshing, uplifting scent:

Samar and Rabia often look abroad for inspiration – the Rose Sandalwood and Neem Oil range is most definitely rooted within the subcontinent. However, once inspired they try and source locally wherever they can – for instance the Honey within their Honey, Oat and Manuka Oil range is sourced from a not for profit apiary in Sherwood Forest.

soapNskin will be donating 50% of all sales of their gift boxes to Children’s Relief in Bethlehem and will be back at Homeworks on both the 3 & 10 December.

Thursday, 23 November 2017


My name is Ana Bridgewater, and Abalon is my alias as an artist. Over the years I have lived, worked and exhibited in the US, UK and Spain. My London studio is my laboratory and my factory.

It’s where I design and experiment, and hand-make my pieces one-by-one. It’s hard work, but I love what I do. I have been working with porcelain for over a decade – it’s an amazing material that comes direct from earth. I love it for its hardiness, translucence, silk texture and it’s versatility as a material:

Influenced by nature and finished with gold, my candles are handmade, using a strong composite of porcelain. When burning, the porcelain is translucent, and the light produced is warm and delicate. When the wax has burned away, the porcelain cup can be used again and reimagined.

I go for inspiration to Kew Gardens, The Natural History Museum, The V&A, The RA, photography exhibitions, street art exhibitions, new media exhibitions. I also love long walks with my dog and my husband and then being in my studio. All inspiration comes together on my dreams.

Abalon will be at Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Rebecca Denton

About me:
My name is Rebecca Denton and I’m a painter/printmaker based in North London and create unique, handcrafted prints and original illustrations. My etchings can be seen permanently at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery and an edition of linocuts has been archived in London’s V+A. I work from my own rough sketches and ideas, combining various techniques for original outcomes.

My favourite product:
All my prints are my favourites and it’s hard to choose one! 
However, I do love the crafted, vintage feel of etchings (engravings) and enjoy every step of the process: coming up with an idea, redrawing the initial sketch onto a grounded zinc plate and then adding various techniques for tone and texture. The plate is inked for every print in the edition making each one truly unique:

My favourite place to find inspiration:
Everywhere really... my sketchbook, imagination and childhood memories.

Rebecca will be back for another year at Homeworks Christmas Bazaar on Sunday 10 December.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Spry Workwear

Daisy Bridgewater will be bringing her distinctive and stylish utility wear to Homeworks on Sunday 3 December. Here’s a bit about Spry Workwear, in her own words:

So, I am a writer and journalist turned workwear designer, based in beautiful and remote East Suffolk. I began thinking about practical, stylish clothing as a response to my environment, and as a response various plates that modern, working women like me keep spinning every day. As an active creative person, I need clothes that will take a beating but will not make me look like life has beaten any sense of style out of me. This is my studio in Suffolk:

Boiler suits are very much at the core of my brand, which I first launched, rather tentatively, last year at Homeworks. I have been thrilled with the response from like-minded, stylish women, working in all sorts of creative industries. Others have bought a boiler purely for its fashion credentials:

I sell navy blue twill boiler suits, denim boiler suits, navy blue and denim work shirts, sail cloth and linen aprons, work trousers and dresses (although the last 2 are in very limited supply):

My favourite product is the new washed denim boiler suit (the one I am wearing in the photo below):

It does everything that I want it to, looking super stylish and sexy, but never stopping me doing anything. I can wear it from the chicken run to the office party (although I might change my shoes). My navy blue boiler suit has been featured in Red Magazine and The Times.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Rosemont Vintage

Rosemont Vintage sell quality reclaimed decorative homewares, sourced in France, England and beyond:

Lorna’s favourite products include cushions made from salvaged antique quilts and linens. Her inspiration is derived from “The joy of discovering exciting finds at French brocantes and flea markets:”

Rosemont Vintage will be at Homeworks on Sunday 3 December.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Scamp is run by two sisters, Stacey and Jennifer, who design and make everything in the range. Focussing on products that are great for the family – think bright, unisex baby wear, cool kids sweatshirts featuring positive messages (and a similar range for women as well!), wooden laser cut homewares and festive decorations – often with a personalised option:

“We are really loving the feedback for our new Here Come the Kids range of children’s sweatshirts - all featuring bright, positive and empowering messages for our kids. We’ve now launched a few new products to add to the range including make up bags, necklaces and tote bags.”

Jennifer says “I find getting out of the house and wandering around central London really inspires me. A day in the east end, a night at the theatre, an exhibition at the Tate or just getting lost around Soho gives me lots of food for thought. Something that sitting on the computer sometimes struggles to do for me!”

In addition to being one half of Scamp, Jennifer is the key team member organising all our events –and she will be selling the beautiful Scamp wares at both Homeworks Christmas Bazaars on 3 & 10 December.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Quinton Chadwick

Quinton Chadwick are knitwear designers Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick and they have a passion for the  craftsmanship of this country’s knitting heritage.
Their vision is to blend these traditional skills with their own contemporary design aesthetic:

Jess and Jane prefer using natural fibres such as wool and cashmere and proudly make everything entirely in the UK:

“Favourite products are our rainbow coloured berets and scarves and our best selling LOVE gloves. We love the The fashion and Textile museum in Bermondsey, The Jeffrey Museum in Hackney – and of course the V&A who often sell our knits in their shop.”

Quinton Chadwick will be at Homeworks on Sunday 3 December.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

An Indian Summer

An Indian Summer was created 5 years ago by Nimy, inspired by a love of prints and textiles. An Indian Summer is characterised by a colourful melange of East-West aesthetic, eclectic prints, natural fibres and handcrafted artisan fabrics.
It is an affordable, artisanal lifestyle brand for the conscious woman who wants her wardrobe to reflect her sustainable lifestyle:

All garments are handcrafted by artisans in Rajasthan using the traditional techniques of hand block printing.

Working with small family businesses rather than large corporations to produce our range, An Indian Summer make sure that their production partners adhere to ethical employment practices:

Nimy will be bringing new hand block printed loungewear collection to Homeworks, comprising of kimono robes, kaftans, nighties, pyjama bottoms & boxer shorts – ideal for gifting friends and family:

We asked Nimy to choose some favourite products from her range and also tell us about what inspires her:

“ My Favourite garment is our hand block printed kimono robe – it’s very versatile can be used as light weight jacket, cover up and dressing gown; cool, comfortable, easy to pack for travel.
Major influences for the collection comes from art nouveau artist William Morris Inspiring places Liberty, V&A and Rajasthan.”

An Indian Summer will be at Homeworks on both days 3 & 10 December.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Kitty Clogs

Deep in the wintry wilds of Southern Sweden lives a family of master clog-makers. In a cosy cabin carpeted with wood shavings, hidden beneath a canopy of snow-topped evergreens, they work through the winter months and have been lovingly handcrafting the traditional Swedish träskor for over 50 years.
They combine their skill and traditional manufacturing methods with contemporary designs by Sacha Schwartz of Kitty Clogs Sweden to create distinctive, luxurious clogs and a touch of their earth origin to our urban jungle:

Each unique pair is hand-finished in natural Swedish alder and birch wood from the forest around their workshop, with individually dyed natural leathers:

We asked Sacha about her favourite products and where she finds her inspiration:
“I absolutely love the Bronze Low Aaliyah Träskor (below). The designs in our AW collection are fresh, and vibrant, and use gorgeous metallic leathers to give the clogs a really powerful and contemporary feel:
St Leonards on Sea is a stunning place. It’s a creative hub for many small businesses and start ups – a community that I love being a part of! Plus it’s right by the sea. I gain a great deal of inspiration from the colours of the sea and it’s natural beauty. Many of our photoshoots use the beach and sea as a striking back drop.”

 Kitty Clogs Sweden will be bringing their beautiful clogs to Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Elvira Van Vredenburgh

To kick off our 2017 Christmas season, we’re introducing our selection of designers and makers and finding out a little about what they do and what inspires them.

Elvira Van Vredenburgh originally trained as a printed textile designer and graduated from the Royal College of Art in the 1990’s. She immediately began selling fashion and furnishing designs to top designers worldwide.

In 2016 she started designing her own greetings cards and gift wrap and her collection now includes notecards, notebooks, high quality giclee prints and printed silk scarves. She has a textile designer’s eye for pattern and shape and her style is bold and bright using bird and abstract themes. All products in her collection are designed by Elvira and printed in the UK.

We asked Elvira to choose her favourite piece from her collection and where she finds her inspiration:
‘My favourite product is my printed silk scarves, I love the way a design is bought to life on fabric. These make great gift items for Christmas and are a top seller at this time of year.  I love visiting Tate Modern and am always very inspired when I go.’
Elvira will be at Homeworks on Sunday 3 December.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Our tenth year of Homeworks

It’s hard to believe this year will be our tenth annual Homeworks Christmas Bazaar. Our first fairs were held at the iconic Twentieth Century Theatre in Notting Hill, which has now sadly closed its doors.
Many talented designers, makers and artists have joined our events (and helped to organise them) over the years and we continue to champion small local businesses at our Christmas Bazaars in the Salusbury Rooms in Queens Park.
We have some interesting Q & As from this year’s sellers including their Maker’s Choice selections and Top Ten Gift Guides to inspire all your Christmas shopping needs.
We’re kicking off tomorrow with our first talented designer Elvira Van Vredenburgh. See you then!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Save the Dates!

Here’s all the information for our two Christmas Bazaars for 2017. We’ll start sharing work from our fabulous designers and makers soon, you can see who’s coming by checking the sidebar for each date. Meanwhile here is everything you need to start planning your visit:

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Homeworks 2017

Homeworks 2017 is coming soon!
Homeworks runs in parallel with the very popular Queen’s Park Farmer's Market and this year’s dates are Sunday 3rd and Sunday 10th December. We’re always on the look out for new and interesting designers and their wares, so if you're interested in selling at our Christmas Bazaar, get in touch using our Apply for a Stall button on the right.