Thursday, 8 December 2016

Meet the Maker - Cardabelle Design

My name is Kate Guy and my design practice is called Cardabelle Design. I have a studio at the Kingsgate Workshops in Kilburn:

I specialise in linocut prints and designs, both original artwork and also screen-printed onto kitchen products, organic cotton textiles and hand made tiles:

I trained at Wimbledon and Norwich Schools of Art, graduating with a BaHons in Graphic Design and Animation. I worked in an animation studio in Camden and then went to lead their tracing department in Budapest.

After having children I worked as a freelance designer for a few years before training as a teacher. I worked in a large secondary school in North West London running the Art and Design department for 12 years. I left last year to develop my own company Cardabelle Design:

I started Cardabelle Design because I wanted to combine my graphic design background with my love of traditional printmaking techniques in order to produce unique, quality homeware:

My influences come from my home in North West London and the Languedoc region of South West France where I have family and friends. A Cardabelle is a thistle from this area which locals pin to their doors to keep out evil influences.

I have always loved printmaking, in particular the strong graphic qualities of lino-cut and screen printing. I use these techniques to make one-off, hand-made prints, and then using these original prints I have developed collections of quality items for the kitchen and home:

I take my principle inspiration from food and the kitchen; I feel that the kitchen is the true heart of the home and the smells and tastes that can be found in this social hub are prominent in my work, in particular natural, simple cooking with wild organic ingredients.

Kate will be at Homeworks this Sunday 11 December.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Meet the Maker - Annie Neill

My name is Annie Neill and I graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design with a BA(Hons) in Textile Design in 1993.

I worked as an inhouse designer for a knitted swatch agency, designing and selling new designs, ideas and trends to the American market.
I also worked on private commissions before setting up my own business in 2004 designing and selling my own range of luxury knitwear.
My designs include woollen garter stitch berets, beanies and gloves, rib beanies, fingerless gloves and fingerless mittens:

My best sellers include mens and ladies cotton socks and woollen socks made using the finest of yarns and the unique softness of Scottish water.
I’m delighted that through my business I’m supporting the skills, craftsmanship, tradition and knowledge of generations of makers, taking pride in sewing a ‘Made in Scotland’ label into every piece.

Come and buy Annie’s gorgeous knitwear this Sunday 11 December.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Meet the Maker - Rebecca Denton

My name is Rebecca Denton and I’m an illustrator, painter and printmaker based in North London. I translate my love of storytelling and comedy into the medium of printmaking.
By combining ancient techniques such as etching with fresh ideas, I try to produce work which is both contemporary and unique:

I create handmade fine art prints (etchings, linocuts, monoprints) in my home studio. I also do watercolours and chalk illustrations sold as limited edition prints and cards. Subjects include eccentric animals in unexpected situations and magical dream-like settings:

I have a background in performing arts and have worked as a photographic stills producer, greeting card designer and conceptual illustrator for Getty.
My work can be viewed permanently at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery which holds six exhibitions a year.

Rebecca will be showing her latest work at Homeworks on Sunday 11 December.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Meet the Maker - Home-Grown

We are Helen Lancaster & Nicky Hessenberg. We started Home-Grown 10 years ago, but before that Helen had a small company making clothes for children and Nicky has a constructed textile course at the London College of Furniture. We used also to organize and run a small annual arts and crafts exhibition in our local area which had quite a local following.

Helen has family living in Mumbai and whenever she came back wearing something beautiful and sometimes exotic, friends and strangers would ask "where did you get it?". We decided to start a small company to supply this demand and Home-Grown was born.

We have a range of clothes made for us in Mumbai, designed by us based on traditional Indian designs. Each garment is then individually made by tailors, in good and safe working conditions, adapted for UK sizes and styles. We put the colours and prints together making a completely original and unique collection.

We do not have a shop and sell a few of our styles to a shop in East Dulwich - otherwise our clothes are available from us selling only through charity fairs and sales, by personal request by telephone, email or by visiting our stockroom. We are based in Bayswater, London.

Come and meet Helen & Nicky on 4 December.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Meet the Maker - Simone Selaib - Salandini

My name is Simone Selaib-Salandini and I’m a jewellery designer based in Notting Hill, London.

My work is made up of different collections including Victoria Regia, Industrial and Leaves. They all complement each other and comprise necklaces, rings, earrings, arm bands, bracelets, head pieces and anklets:

All my jewellery is hand crafted by me, I use silver 925 and 999, gold, bronze and semi-precious stones.

I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and discovered my passion for sculptures and metal. After finishing university I lived in the Italian city of Naples and experienced the wonderful craft of restoration of church ceilings and sculptures.
I love the process of designing and making and I trained as a silversmith, took a course in professional development for designer-makers and began to sell to galleries and shops.

Recently I have participated in Arts and Crafts Fairs and I love the direct contact with the public and to see their reactions to my work.

I draw my inspirations from everyday experiences and the fascination I have for metal itself.

I like to play with line, space, light and shadow; where clear forms are integral part of each piece.

My inspirations reflect my artistic background. Jewellery is intuitive and spontaneous for me, influenced by sculptural and architectural works.

I once read .....‘my business is to create’ and this sums up exactly how I feel!

Simone will be at Homeworks next Sunday 4 December.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Meet the Maker - Vanessa Cohen Handmade Ceramics

I produce a range of handmade white earthenware bowls, platters and cups. I have a Fine Art Degree from The University of Cape Town where I majored in Sculpture.
My degree included a small amount of ceramics but I always had the desire to further my knowledge of the making of ceramic tableware as I very rarely found tableware that I liked.

My love of beautiful handmade things inspired me to take extra classes at Kensington and Chelsea College and I started my business in 2008. All my ceramics are made by hand in my studio which is based in NW10, just off Scrubs Lane.

I produce a delicate range of handmade tableware which very subtly explores and expresses the distorting qualities of thin clay:

An element of chance is embraced as I allow my bowls to uniformly distort into organic egg-like shapes in the kiln. People are drawn to my work and feel compelled to hold it because each piece is imbued with a uniquely ‘imperfect’ and tactile quality.

Vanessa will be at Homeworks on Sunday 4 December.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Meet the Maker - Scamp

As well as running Scamp with sister Stacey, Jennifer is a key member of the Homeworks team and organises our Christmas Bazaars. She recently gave us some time out of her (very busy) schedule to tell us a bit about her creative life:

Stacey (left) and Jennifer (right).
Tell us about who you are:
It’s a family affair at Scamp with myself and my sister Stacey establishing and running the business. We’re both mums, both into design, and both creative souls, who design everything in our range.

When did you start your business?

We began in 2010 making personalised pictures for baby gifts. We’ve grown a lot since then to include printed babywear, nursery accessories and bespoke gifts for little ones (and some for big ones too!). The world of the laser cutter has meant we’ve been able to create a lovely range of wooden kids room accessories and decorations and most recently customised printing has expanded our baby wear range to include pyjamas and blankets as well, all printed in the UK:

What’s your inspiration?
Having our own children very much defines what we want our product ranges to be like - lots of vibrant, colourful and funky babywear, bold and simple graphics on bedroom accessories (we love Scandinavian styles) and personalised products created with stylish parents in mind:

We design all our products ourselves and spend a great deal of design time thinking about how our designs fit in with modern family life - both ours and yours!

Come and meet Jennifer & Stacey at Homeworks on 4 & 11 December: